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ViMusic Download – ViMusic App is the #1 open-source music app where you can listen to YouTube music for free. If you are a music lover, why renew the subscription when you have access to premium music with a free open-source music app?

ViMusic APK Download – The ViMusic app is a boon for all music lovers who want to listen to songs from YouTube Music without any interruption. At this time Vi Music App is in top demand. ViMusic is a simple yet revolutionary web-based music app that helps you listen to your favorite music in just a few clicks.

The Vi Music App has a super simple user interface that is perfect for those who want a complete music app. It is not just a music tool, it is much more than you can expect. If you want a better music app option than this try ViMusic App.

Vi Music APK Details

App Versionv0.5.4 (Latest)
Operating SystemAndroid 5 or Higher
CategoryMusic Player
ModAll unlocked
Updated1 day ago
Download NowOpen Source

What is ViMusic APP?

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ViMusic is an open-source app developed by “vfsfitvnm“. Here you can listen to all your favorite music from YouTube Music without any limits. Simply open the app and search by song, artist, video clip, or even an entire playlist. The Vi Music app lets you listen to music in the background, meaning even if the app is minimized or the screen is off, while you’re using other apps.

Its super features you can listen to music offline, and the songs you are listening to are stored in the cache that you can listen to when you are offline.

Why Vi Music App?

Let me ask you a question why have you come here? Maybe you want to know about ViMusic or want to download Vi Music APK because you are looking for a better music player. Vi Music App is currently the best overall. Whoever used it became convinced of it.

Here are some special features of the Vi Music app;

  • Privacy security
  • Open Source
  • Audio Quality
  • Offline Listening
  • Huge music library
  • Ad-free Experience
  • Social sharing
  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • Lyrics and song information
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Compatibility and cross-platform access

ViMusic Pro App Features

ViMusic Player is a tool that allows you to listen to your favorite music from YT-Music. Here you can learn more about Vi Music APK features;

Youtube Premium Music

There are millions of songs, albums, playlists, and more on YouTube. The ViMusic Android app provides access to YT-Music premium content. Discover new music with it based on your preferences, genre, mood, artist, and more.


The most frustrating thing about playing music is the sudden addition of ads. The ViMusic app is completely ad-free, making for a great experience listening to music without any interruptions.


ViMusic app uses YouTube Music API which supports all Android phones without rooting. It does not require any modification to the device system which is risky and may harm your device. There is no risk in using the Vimusic app.

Offline Music

ViMusic allows offline music listening, just download your favorite songs and listen when you don’t have internet. Make sure you have enough storage space for it.

Background Playback

Minimize the Vi Music app screen to enjoy uninterrupted music while using any other app. It allows you to play music in the background of your Android phone without any interruption.

Audio Optimization

You can customize the song music and audio levels as per your choice. You adjust the equalizer, filter, range, spread, bass, and more which can be tweaked to your own tune.

Android Auto

You can easily control ViMusic by voice commands or touch screen while driving using Android Auto with this app. Play, pause, shuffle, skip, repeat, and search songs on the ViMusic app with Android Auto.


View lyrics or synchronized lyrics of the songs you’re listening to. You can search for songs, artists, albums, and more by keywords or phrases.

Import Playlist

Import pre-made playlists from any music app that you can listen to on the ViMusic app. The process is very easy, you can even export your playlist from ViMusic app to any other music app like Spotify.

Songs Queue

You can view and manage your song queue. You can add, remove, rearrange, and clear the queue of songs in the Vi Music app. Your queue will be saved even when you restart the app.

Social Share

Share your music with your close friends and family as well as social friends using social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Copy the song or playlist link and send it to whoever you want.

Sleep Timer

You have a sleep timer with the ViMusic app that automatically turns off the music after a certain amount of time. You can choose between a custom timer or predefined intervals.

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Pros & Cons

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Super simple user interface
  • Vast music library
  • Offline music
  • Easily find your favorite music
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Share music on social media
  • Only YT-music available

ViMusic APK Download [Mod]

vimusic apk download

ViMusic Mod APK

ViMusic Mod Apk Latest Version Is The Best Music Player App for Android, This Mod Provides Unlimited Everything, Unlocked All, and No Ads Without a Watermark.

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Download ViMusic APK for iPhone

ViMusic is specially designed for Android devices, however, if you are an iPhone user, you can download ViMusic APK on your iPhone device but in a slightly different way.

Follow these steps to get ViMusic APK on iOS…

  • Download and install the best Android Emulator on your iOS device (Bluestacks or Noxplayer)
  • Once the emulator is installed on your iPhone, launch it.
  • Open any browser and search for “ViMusic iOS or Vi Music iOS” and find our website.
  • Next step, find the “Download Button” and click to download and install ViMusic on the emulator.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the Vi Music app and start listening to your favorite music.

Download ViMusic APK for PC

  • Just download the Bluestack emulator on your PC.
  • Launch it and set it up.
  • Search our website and find the download button for ViMusic APK PC.
  • Click on it to start downloads and installs.
  • Once the app is finished installing, open ViMusic on your Mac or Windows PC.

Is ViMusic App Safe to Use?

Is ViMusic App Safe to Use

ViMusic APK is great if you are concerned about your data or security protection. As you can see in the above picture ViMusic Mod APK is 100% safe, It is tested for VirusTotal and the result shows no virus.

Here is a Google Drive link to download ViMusic APK – A free YT-music provider. To enjoy all the premium features of the ViMusic Pro App, click on the download button given below.

ViMusic Mod Apk Features

We know YT-Music is a great app but the songs available to you for free are limited. With Vi Music, you can listen to unlimited music from YouTube Music without any hassle. This music player allows you to listen to music and organize or shuffle it as you wish.

Here you can also find some simple but important features.

  • Organize the songs as per your choice.
  • Display song lyrics
  • Skip silence in a track,
  • Switch the interface to a dark or light theme
  • Set a sleep timer.
  • Choose to play the YouTube link directly on the app.
download vimusic app

ViMusic VS YT Music

vimusic for android auto

The comparison is natural, but as you know, YT-Music has a huge system behind it, so features would be nice, but if you look at it from a music lover’s point of view, listening to music without interruptions is an amazing experience.

With YT Music you have to join a subscription plan to listen to music without interruption, whereas with ViMusic all this is completely free.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to take the subscription plan or the free one. The choice is yours, however, I’ll just pick the version that gives me the best music for free.


Is ViMusic available for iOS and Android?

Yes, ViMusic is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download the ViMusic app from our website.

Can I listen to music offline with ViMusic?

Yes, you can listen to music offline with ViMusic. It is specially designed to enjoy music offline if you have an internet connection.

Where can I download the ViMusic APK for Android?

You can download ViMusic APK for Android from our website. Just find the download button and click on it, ViMusic downloaded to your Android device.

Can I use ViMusic with Android Auto?

Yes, the latest version of the ViMusic app is enabled with Android Auto, so you can use Vi Music with Android Auto while driving.

Can I create my own playlists on ViMusic?

Yes, you can create your own playlist with your ViMusic app. This way, you can easily organize your favorite music.


ViMusic app is the best music app for Android users which is a completely trusted open source project. You can listen to unlimited music as well as premium songs from YouTube Music for free.

Its best features are no ads, no in-app purchases, no sign-in, and no root required. It also has some other features that make it better like a song library, offline listening, a super simple interface, Android Auto support, themes, and more.

If you were looking for something like this then what are you waiting for? Download the ViMusic app from our website now and enjoy your favorite artists and songs!

ViMusic App Download For Android

Click on the download button to Vi Music Pro-Mod APK, it is completely safe to use. Just download it from Google Drive then install the ViMusic Player App on your device, and start listening to your favorite music…

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Note: This amazing app is open source, it is difficult for you to find the latest updates, so please subscribe to our website push notifications or bookmark our website to get all the updates and news.🔥

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ViMusic For Android - Download ViMusic APK [Perfect For All]

Download ViMusic APK to listent to song for free. ViMusic is free open source music player which plays songs from YouTube music!

Price: FREE

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Operating System: Android, iOS, PC

Application Category: Music

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  1. I love this app but I’d appreciate it more if it had a “new release feature” most times I’m unable to tell when artist I’m subscribed to drops a new song or project..


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